When Farming’s in Your Blood


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It is with great honor that we present our newest title “When Farming’s in Your Blood” by Peter J. Marchand

It is socked-in and raining hard in the San Luis Valley.  Arturo Quintana and I are hunkered down at his sheep camp in Old San Acacio, staying dry inside a cluttered trailer and drinking homemade elderberry wine.  In our momentary comfort, Arturo is feeling good, a bit philosophical even, and as the seventy-year-old sheep rancher gazes absent-mindedly at the rain running down the dirty window beside him, he starts to talk.
Thus begins a tale of four family farms in southern Colorado.  When Farming’s in Your Blood is a portrait of a farming culture with strong traditions and deeply rooted ties to the region; a story of people whose kin have been on the land for generations, who have enjoyed the good times and struggled through the bad, surviving by hard labor and ingenuity.  It is a story of an agricultural way of life still based on simple and efficient technologies and sustainable land-use practices.
With informative and entertaining essays and more than 60 striking images, Peter J. Marchand captures the essence of small-acreage farming and the spirit of people for whom no other life will suffice. “These farmers,” Marchand writes, “remind us of our common past, of where we came from and what it truly means to live off the land.”

Peter J. Marchand is the author of several science and human-interest books, including photo-documentaries and creative non-fiction.  His latest works are The Bare-toed Vaquero: Life in Baja California’s Desert Mountains (University of New Mexico Press, 2013) and Life and Times of a Big River: An Uncommon Natural History of Alaska’s Upper Yukon (University of Alaska Press, 2015).