Custom Journals

Ripple Effect Publishing LLC is proud to offer Custom Journals!

We are now making journals that fit your life style and needs. You can get journals that are lined, blank, address books,  blank music pages, recipe books, work out and life style journals.journals-12

Travel Journals

Travel journals to include maps and phone numbers for airlines, trains, and restaurants, subway maps, places to stay and see. Let us know what you want in the journal and we will work on creating it for you!

Workout journals can be handy to help you stay on task, measure your improvements, and let you know how you are doing on a day to day basis so that you can reference back to make changes.

Photography journals to help you identify information that wouldn’t be included in the film or meta data or so that you can reference back too when replicating work you have done and enjoyed.

Diet journals can help you see what worked and when, help you stay on track, and improve your overall health. We can create the journal that best meets your needs.


Recipe Journal

The recipe journal provide room to write down your favorite recipes and provide notes as to when and where you used it and what you and your friends thought of the meal. We can add custom fields or provide blank pages. We make it the way you want it!

journals-14 journals-13

Ribbons in our Journals

Ribbons create a touch of class and allow you to find information quickly when you need it. They are nice markers and provide you with a chance to index information for later use. We can put one ribbon in or multiple ribbons. We have ribbons that are solid in color or that have multiple colors. We can provide ribbons with statements on them or with graphics on them. Our ribbons start at string size and go up to 2 inches in size. Custom ribbons can be created!


Lay flat pages

One of the features of most of our journals is that they lay flat when you open them. No need to have page holders when you are working on that recipe or studying a map on that hike.

journals-8 journals-7 journals-6

custom fabric covers

The use of fabric covers allow you to have a journal that is truly all yours. You can identify your journal from a distance, and you can make a statement with the journal of your style!


Customized with Photos

We can customize your journal with photos and artwork that you, your friends, and/or your children have created. The custom images can be on the cover of your perfect bind journal, or within the flaps of your hard bound journals. You can also have photos within the journal. We make it the way you want it.

We can even create custom Journals for your business.

We can create journals to give to your clients or potential clients, Journals to use with your staff, or to create as a teaching tool.

All of our journals are hand made in Colorado Springs USA. Most of our journals are constructed with materials made in the USA, others are customized with materials found throughout the world.


Custom Papers

Unless otherwise requested all of our journals are created with papers that are FSC Certified!

We strive to create books and journals that are in line with good environmental practices. We all live on this planet let’s take care of it.

We also use custom papers for some journals. Some of them made right here in Colorado Springs. If you have a particular paper that you would like used let us know and we will let you know how they can be integrated into your new journal.

Custom Covers:

We can also use custom materials for the cover of your journal(s). We can create them with leather, metals, wood, card stock, and a variety of fabrics. In some cases we may need you to provide the material you want used to cover your journal.

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