Ripple Effect Publishing LLC is proud to offer the book “A PLACE FOR YOUR GHOST ANIMALS.” A fine poetry book by Kushal Poddar. If you haven’t read any of Kushal’s work in the past you are in for a real treat! For those of you that have read his work you already know that his poetry will keep you wanting for more.


This is the first book by an International Author that Ripple Effect Publishing LLC is publishing and we are very happy that he has selected our company.

Order this book on Amazon.com.

For order information contact bill at bill@rippleeffectpublications.com


Kushal Poddar has the ability to connect to the reader with his poetry. His poems cover
s diverse topics and they are gritty and realistic. In the shallowness of the digital age, Kushal makes a powerful statement with his poems and he is fearless in his writing. His pen is original and he captures the subject matter in his poems without being melodramatic and clichéd. His seamless blend of emotions enlivens his poetry.
– Mamta Madhavan, Poet, Journalist

Here is a reading of a poem by Kushal Poddar, as spoken by Hank Beukema. For more poems by Kushal please order the book above.



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