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Bill Young

I am Bill Young the President of Ripple Effect Publishing LLC.

We are new around here and hope to make a big impact in the publishing world by creating books that people will want to hold in their hand, turn the pages, and have a desire to share the experiences with friends, and family. We have a few areas to focus on at this time, but please feel free to bring us your ideas even if they don’t fit in one of our categories. You may be surprised and we may be surprised as well!

Here is a list of initial interests:

History – Our first book is about the Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II (WASP) and their trip to receive the Congressional Gold Medal. We are currently working on books about Native Americans and their scientific methods – Watch for that book to be published in 2015.

Art(s) – We welcome ideas that have to do with the arts. We will be publishing portfolio books, Creative Process, and books with art that will blow your mind! Our interest is in all types of artistic media – Photography, painting, drawing, textiles, sculpture, ceramics, installation art, multimedia, found objects, permanent, short lived, abstract, contemporary, you name it if it has to do with art we want to know about it and hope to find ways to showcase it in a way that would make any artist proud.

Food – Looking at growing, cooking, history, and the art of food. Some of our books will focus on creating high nutrition meals quickly and on a budget, We will also look at elaborate meals for friends and family, How to prep food and why use our methods, storage of food for longevity and nutrient saving. When you read one of these books you will want to grow your own food and make your own meals.

Self Help – Our bent on self-help is different than what you will find in your average bookstore. We are going to look at ways of healing that promote long term well being. We plan to publish books on mental health, physical health, and environmental health.
Environment – What can we do as individuals to improve our environment not just for the people on earth but also, for the long-term health of the entire planet?

Politics – This series of books will be to talk about issues and cover information that is often missed in the tabloid take over of the press. Some times figuring out what is going on is over shadowed by big money feeding a system that doesn’t take the time or have the resources to find the truth about what is going on. Our plan is to provide action plans for change and empower the people.

Entrepreneurial – In today’s economy we need people to step forward and grow new ways of doing business. We will talk about what it takes to start a new business or movement within the current structure that will provide for the well being of the people working in it. How can a new business owner grow and stay sane and financially secure at the same time?


2 comments on “About Us
  1. Hi Bill,

    My name is Dianna and I am a fine artist living in Colorado Springs. In the hopefully not to distant future I hope to ready a small fine art book. I would like to stay in touch to learn more about what your firm offers and whether or not it would it work for my situation.

    I am glad you came to my attention!
    Dianna Cates Dunn

    • Bill Young says:


      I don’t know if you got my last reply regarding your book but, feel free to contact me as you get close!


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